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she suspect heed was using synthetic marijuana, k 2 or spice. a relatively new drug, herbs, sprayed with chemicals. often marketed as incense. doctors say what makes it most dangerous is they don't know what kind of chemicals are used or what behavior it will provoke. >> i have seen children who are aggressive and violent. on another spectrum we have seen children with catatonic, slow movements not moving at all or no speech. tests show the drug was in lane's grandson's system at the time of the shooting. but the critical evidence may be this sound. another gunshot while he was on the phone with a 911 operator. >> i got shot again. help. >> reporter: a grandmother now on trial for murdering the very person she says she loved. and was trying to help. lindsay davis, abc news, new york. >> okay, the kid was using drugs. if she shot him while he has been shot on the phone to police and they're on their way what possible defense? >> i have no idea. i am just flabbergasted. when you listen to something like that. grandparents are just -- you know they usually just adore their grandchildre
is based in france just confirmed it's building its first u.s. factfactory, the $60 million plant in mobile, alabama. expected to start building jets three in years. the airbus deal will create 1,000 jobs. >>> dole is now recalling thousands of bags of salad that could be tainted. the fda found listeria in a random check of hearts of romaine salad, 2600 bags of salad with a use by date of june 26, found in the upper corner of the package, should now be thrown out. salads were sold in nine states in the east and southeast. no illnesses reported yet. >>> doctors gave her almost no chance of surviving, a georgia graduate student has left the hospital after a tough battle with flesh eating disease. despite losing her left leg, right foot and both hand. amy copeland was all smiles as the she headed for a rehab center. her father says she is ready for the next step in her miraculous recovery. >> she was in great spirits. she was jocular, she was, just, ribbing with her nurses and doctors. it was just really a fun time. she was all smiles. >> copeland is expected to spend eight weeks in rehab near
, you know? then who are the rest of us to judge it? >> he said, getting to the core of it, this is what he can do to honor god, and he wanted children, and he felt like that was the path for him. so it's the ultimate self-sacrifice, and that's what she said about what he gave up for her. >> fascinating story there. also fascinating, we do have guests in the house. you may have noticed things differently a few minutes ago. you weren't hallucinating, jeremy and vinita at the desk, next. next. ♪ welcome back your dreams were your ticket out ♪ >>> welcome back, everybody. no, a few minutes ago you were not imagining things. no, you're not drunk. actually, you did not imagine things -- >> they might be. >> you might be, might make the show a lot better. we have a huge reunion tonight. you're going to definitely recognize these two familiar faces. guess who's back, vinita nair and jeremy hubbard. feel like a bad dream? >> a nightmare in many ways. i thought that people would not figure it out. because they're in a stupor in the middle of the night and they'd figure, it's 2008 all over aga
james took a key oral exam, he went out to a sporting goods store and bought one of the rifles he used in the attack. three days later he withdrew from the program. he ultimately did fail the exam by the way. so, now they're wondering was the academic failure something that triggered whatever episode he had that led to the shooting? other situation, maybe a recent breakup with a girlfriend. that would have been a factor as well. no one knows for sure. speculative >> he had been ordering shipments for four months. it's hard to think that one -- triggered it. >> mental illness lying it all and breakup or failure at school triggered it and brought it violently to the surface. a theory. >> we heard a theme of forgiveness. a lot of the survivors say they actually forgive the shooter. one guy who was shot three times says when he saw images of holmes at his first court appearance he wants to tell holmes he foregives him and wants to pray for him. >> that take is a gracious spirit. it take is a while to get to that place. >>> the suspect in a mass shooting is being told if he doesn't shave hi
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, new york. >> uniforms worn by u.s. olympic athletes in opening and closing ceremonies will soon be made only, yep, in america. the u.s. olympic committee reached a deal now to outfit team usa in american made clothes starting in the 2014 games. but the agreement does not apply to uniforms worn during sporting events themselves. after making this year's uniforms in china, designer ralph lauren has also committed to the new deal. >> i don't know where my dress was made. calvin klein. keep going. a federal study. you just search while i read this. it doesn't say where it was, the designer is calvin klein. >> thank you, paula. i know the designer's name is. i get that. i couldn't, without, you know, going, violating you i couldn't find out where the dress was made. i will do that after the show. >> perfect segue. a federal study just released, numb bifr unintended pregnancies have not changed in 30 years. the cdc says 37% of all births in the u.s. are unintended the same number reported in 1982. researchers say if all american women had access to contraception the number of births p
, but he won't show us his. it's kind of fascinating. >> reporter: when his father, george romney man for president in 1968, he released 12 years of tax returns saying a single return could "be a fluke" done for show. earlier this year, mitt romney was challenged to do the same thing. >> will you follow your father's example? >> maybe. >> reporter: he didn't. instead releasing just his 2010 return and an estimate of his taxes for 2011. telling diane sawyer that's plenty. >> we have released all the information required by law and then some. >> reporter: we have looked back and found every presidential nominee in both parties over the last three decades has released more tax returns. romney says he will release his 2011 return when he finishes it. but that's it. not that he doesn't have more returns handy. when he was under kid rauconsid to be john mccain's runningmate, he gave mccain 23 years of tax returns, noting at the time i af am a bit of a pack rat i had them all. the romney campaign calls all this attention to his personal finances a distraction, an effort they say by the obama
2005, i asked him about the u.s. overtly seeking a new syrian leader even then. >> i feel very confident for one reason because i was made in syria. i wasn't made in the united states. so i'm not worried. >> reporter: assad is iran's only arab ally and israeli and american officials feel iran would be weakened if there was an end to the assad regime. christiane amanpour, abc news, jerusalem. >> speaking of iran, we have a major new development in the deadly attack on a bus filled with israeli students in bulgaria. investigators say it was carried out by a suicide bomber who actually was carrying an american passport and a driver's license from the state of michigan. he was described as a caucasian man with long hairth in sports attire. stral had bombs iran for that bombing. eight were killed. dozens injured. we'll follow that development throughout the morning. >>> former president george w. bush used a rare interview to talk in depth about his post-presidential life. mr. bush told a think tank in dallas he would much rather focus on policy as opposed to politics. he called his
tarnished joe paterno's legacy. let us know what you think at >> you saw a strung ing of the e-mails another one jim didn't get to, the former vice president, the only downside if the message isn't heard and acted upon we become vulnerable for not having reported it. they knew this was going on. and they failed to disclose it because of the potential ramifications for what it could do to the university. >> this isn't a cheating scandal or petty theft. the lives of students. criminal charges against administrators, civil suits from sandusky victims. and ncaa has not decided what it will do just yet. far from over. >>> now to the developing political story about mitt romney zeroing ian on a runningmate and former secretary of state condoleezza rice could be the top choice. the drudge report said rice emerged as a front-runner. rice recently e-mailed supporters saying 2012 could be a turning point for the country and the election is one of the most important of her lifetime. ann romney said we have been looking at picking a woman and i love the option as well. >>> a key figure at
. >> they usually put us on, you can see, steepest, most inaccessible, hottest parts of the fire. >> reporter: they work 16-hour shifts smothering hot spots in 100-degree heat, the scorched ground hundreds degrees hotter. firefighters tell us this area probably hasn't burned in well over 100 years and there is twice as much fuel here as should be, douglas fir and ponderosa pine. and when they do burn, the fires are larger and far more intense. and as july 4 approaches, officials are banning fireworks. and canceling shows from indiana to utah. the fear of monster orange flames now snuffing out the rockets' red glare. clayton sandell, abc news. >>> now to a major study just published this morning about parents who physically punish their children. researchers now link spanking, slapping, and other physical means to punish children, to a wide range of mental health problems later in life. the american academy of pediatrics now strongly opposes physical punishments to prevent psychological disorders. finally -- people are understanding that. i have children. i don't spank. i was never spanked as
northern syria and brings us the latest. >> reporter: fighting continued to rage in aleppo, syria's commercial can't. shelling neighborhoods taken by opposition forces desperately clinging on calling for heavier weapons. we crossed into syria early this morning, our first stop was a city which had seen heavy violence last month outside aleppo. there hardly seemed to be a single building left untouched. and virtually a ghost town. also remarkable was traveling all day across northern syria, we didn't see a single government tank or troop. which tells you how far these opposition forces have come. but until they take a city like aleppo they have a long way to go. >>> reporting there from inside syria. two big developments in syria. one, the chemical weapons, removed, transported, eyes of the world wondering if assad will use them, when, how? and the use of helicopters. the first in the last couple weeks. bombing his own people here. and defense secretary, panetta said using helicopters against his own people was a nail in his coffin. talk getting very, very tough. wondering if assad
suffers from anxiety and just wanted to get out of work early. so he admitted to using a cigarette lighter to set rags on fire. if convicted of arson he could be sent to prison for life. >> kind of a draic step there, man. >> just wanted to get out of work early. there are other ways. >>> the search to find wreckage from amelia earhart's final flight turned up nothing. crews did collect video and sonar data on a remote part of the south park where it is believed earhart's plane went down in 1937. the plan is to identify data with hopes of finding her plane. they may have missed at first glance. if she were alive today would be her 115th birthday. >>> well this is a bit of good news. didn't think this day would happen for former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she has taken a giant step upwards on the road to recovery. great to see. >> here she is with her husband, astronaut mark kelly, on top of the french alps. gabrielle giffords took a tram most of the way. then braved subzero temperatures walking to the summit, 12,600 feet high. >> amazing when you consider just 18 months ago
food with all that crap? i know they want the chickens to be plump, juicy. if it will kill us or make us sick. i'll take a smaller chicken breast. >> a lot of the farms are under pressure to do it cheaper and faster the a lot of it is induced by us. feedg the beast. >> exactly. no pun intended. >> want to go grab a. burger? >>> scientists may have discovered a new way to detect alzheimer's disease earlier than ever. fascinating news. researchers at washington university say they have figured out a kind of time line, revealing hidden changes that occur in the body. they are markers that could be detected long before symptoms show up. this is considered one of the biggest findings in years and it could lead to new tests for alzheimers. >> encouraging news there. >>> also two major developments in the hazing scandal at florida a & m. after vowing to stay on the job the university president has now abruptly resigned. james ammons resignation on the same day the parents of an apparent hazing victim sued the school. robert champion died after being beaten by fellow band members. his
which has given trhem a prosperous country. >> israeli has had a lot of support from the u.s. and countries. palestine has not. interesting that mitt romney would say those things he said. it's irresponsible at worst, right and inartful at best. if you are the presumptive candidate, you know that the israeli/palestinian conflict is just at the heart of, of so much. in terms of politics. just can't, can't say things look that if you are the candidate. >> may want to pull back from this trip. he will be returning here soon enough. get back to american soil. >>> the president is back at the white house after a fund-raising event in new york city. he told supporters that while the race will be close he expects to win. and we are learning that the democratic party plans to include support for gay marriage in its platform for the first time. delegates officially approved the platform at the convention in charlotte. >> another big step. overseas now, syrians many of them sashwounded are streaming across the border into turkey desperately trying to escape the violence in aleppo. >> r
're safer. not true. people used to think getting low would saefb you. if you're outside, it doesn't matter how tall you are, you have to get inside. the final lesson? when thunder roars, go indoors. ginger sze, abc news new york. >> most lightning strikes are two to three miles long. the circumference of a lightning strike is the size of a quarter. what happened? take cover, get on the ground. >> i'm not hanging around here. >> stop, drop and roll. wait, that's for something else. >> getting to know you really well tonight, paula. >> hey, efb, i want to let you know i have a snuggie on. >>> fans go behind the scenes next. ♪ >>> from its campy beginnings on abc to its dark days on the big screen, "batman" has been a part of americana culture. >> fans will witness an end to the trilogy that features fights on screen and drama off. chris connelley has more. >> reporter: fans have spent week withes awaiting the dark knight rises. third film in the christian bale starring batman trilogy. and with the film, 165 minutes of moodiness and mayhem upon them, folks have been feeling it. in line and
, to remove all types of stains. using shout or oxiclean? that's just playing the odds. don't chance it, resolve it. see a resolve difference or it's free. ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by consumer cellular. ♪ but i set fire to the rain ♪ watch me burn >> nice choice, guys. nice choice. >> who doesn't love adele? >> doing well. expecting a baby. good for her. >>> do you have a fire extinguisher? >> the question is -- do you know how to use it? if you are like most homeowners, you don't. as abc's reporter discovered. it's not as easy as it looks. >> reporter: this woman is trying to put out a house fire. and she is losing. lucky for her this isn't her home. we told a group of homeowners we were doing a story about family fire drills, but it was a trick. really we wanted to see if they could work a fire extinguisher. >> there is a fire. take the fire extinguisher. see what you can do. >> reporter: firefighters say many homeowners have fire extinguishers but most don't know how to use them. remember carrie braun? look, it takes her an agonizing ten seconds t
of the day. >> first, if you are partying for july 4 like many of us do, do not drive drunk, we all know that now. in michigan they have a new some what humorous way to remind bar patrons of the message. >> uh-huh. >> had a few drinks? if you do, do yourself and everyone else a favor -- call a friend or a cab. >> that is the voice of the talking urinal cakes now in many michigan bar toilets. it's part of the state's plan to crack down on, you guessed it, drunk driving. if they're a success in michigan you may see them soon in other states. bravo. >> anything -- is a good thing. >> i'm just concerned. i don't use urinals clearly. but you go in there, are you really going to listen to it if you are really in this innebriated state? >> this is not your normal, you hope, not used to the urinal talking to you at least the novelty of it would sober you up, make you up. -- wake you up, i hope. it can't hurt. can't hurt. let's look at it that way. >> okay. >> all right. >>> coming up, it is not even july 4, and retailers, moms and dads, are all ready to spend money on those famous back-to-school
of help from u.s. troops. and it comes as we learn that six americans were killed by a taliban bomb just this week. here is abc's reporter. >> reporter: it was all quiet as we marched through a rugged mountain valley. our goal find the taliban. but they found us first. [ gunfire ] before we could find cover all hell broke loose. >> there has got to be somebody right up there the i just saw somebody run back. >> reporter: this is the future of fighting in afghanistan. afghans in the lead and americans here just to advise. taking on an enemy growing bolder by the day. this video, abc news obtained over the weekend, shows a young woman accused of adultery being executed. the horror of taliban justice alive and well. just one hour away from the capital. as the u.s. withdraws it will be left to the afghan army to talk on these militants on their own. tough question, are they ready? >> based on what i have seen today i think they are ready. they won't really know they're ready. >> reporter: on the way out, the taliban lurk in the shadows. a newly hung taliban flag, a reminder, this fight is fa
figure at the center of the largest health fraud settlement in u.s. history is speaking out. a week after the company agreed to pay a fine, the whistle blower said he went to company officials with safety concerns about promoting drugs for unapproved uses and then heap says he was fired. he says the pun ushment should be more than just money. >> i hope that some of these people will eventually go to prison and i am not talking country club prison, i'm talking doing hard time. >> i think a lot of folks feel that way. he lost his job and his home. but under whistle blower rules he could be entitled to as much as a quarter of the civil fine in the case, the fine actually tops $1 billion. >>> parents are going to want to pay extra attention to this story. an abc news investigation uncovered a hidden danger in the dentist's office. children as young as 18 months old are given dangerous doses of anesthesia and sedatives for routine procedures. some times with deadly results. here's abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross. >> reporter: for 8-year-old braven blanco, a routine trip to t
of people are here now. we can see all around us large numbers of seals. the sharks are here to hunt the seals. do i want my son running into the water? no. >> reporter: but this morning with no seals in sight, sun seekers were willing to take their chances. i'm linsey davis, off the coast of chatham, massachusetts. >> i mean, ha-ha -- we are told all the time that we -- you know, they don't like us for food. we are not in their food chain. and if it happens it is really an accident. they don't intend to hunt us down. >> and just looking for a little snickey-snack. i don't want that to be me. and they say this advice -- don't wear anything shiny. they look stuff that is shiny look a watch or jewelry. and they can smell one single drop of blood in a million drops of water. >> if they approach you, you are supposed to hit them hard on the nose. i did read that. to put it into context, face it -- you are 1,000 times more likely to drown in the sea than you are to be bitten by a shark. >> whatever. don't -- you got in the water, you have a 0% chance if you are not in the water. >> true.
the u.s. banking license, the senior executive did not want to talk to us. >> given the help to drug dealers and terrorists -- >> brian ross, abc news, washington. >> stunning. ben bernanke is back after giving a bleak assessment on the economic future yesterday in his twice a year report to congress. he cited threats he warned about europe's prolonged debt crisis and the fiscal cliff looming at the end of the year. overseas markets are down because of that predict. investors who own facebook stock have reason to worry. shares hit a-month low and facebook whose ipo fizzled in may closed at 8809 a share, dropping more than a half percent yesterday after monday's 8.6% pluj that followed analyst warnings that growth on the social network is slowing here and in europe. >> with so many people looking for work, what kind of a raise can you expect if you have a job next year? analysts predict salary increases will run about 3% with just seems to be the new normal. compare that the year 2000 when workers enjoyed raises of 4.4%. >> on a payroll, get any kind of a raise, you are one of the luc
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the capital. as the u.s. withdraws it will be left to the afghan army to talk on these militants on their own. tough question, are they ready? >> based on what i have seen today i think they are ready. they won't really know they're ready. >> reporter: on the way out, the taliban lurk in the shadows. a newly hung taliban flag, a reminder, this fight is far from over. >>> and more news now from overseas. a new push for peace in syria. kofi anan has flown to iran to try to lean on the government, the regime's last staunch ally of the assad regime. it has been more than three months since anan, announce aid peace plan for syria. but the crisis continues out of control. as many as 17,000 people have been killed in that anti-government uprising. >>> the faa is now looking for answers from spirit airlines after passengers on a cross-country flight endured a 19-hour ordeal. what was supposed to be a five-hour flight from los angeles to fort lauderdale was diverted to houston on sunday. that is an airport where the budget carrier doesn't normally fly. people were stuck, no food, no air condition. whe
farmers and consumers better get used to tougher growing conditions and higher prices. >> the new normal for agriculture is going to be frequent episodes of very high temperatures, temperatures at which pretty much any crop does not do very well. >> reporter: food now only 6% of the average american's budget but sure to rise along with temperatures and crop prices. jim avila, abc news, washington. >> and the parched land may not be producing as much food as usual, but in florida, some folks there, they're turning to the sea. >> the recreational lobster mini-season got under way in south florida. and lobster lovers were up before the crack of dawn hoping to catch enough for dinner and then some. each person is allowed to catch 12 lobsters, no more than 6 a day. >> one visitor said the hardest part is getting his lobsters into his hotel. >> i love it. >> that season only lasts two days, so today is the last day. go for it, guys. >> best season of the year. >> get the butter warm. coming up next, 6 million reasons why some people cannot wait to try on a bionic suit. >> i think i can wait. >
shouldn't be surprised. dea has given us exclusive access to huge marijuana farms secretly grown in our national parks. and look at this. weed grown in people's backyards. >> that's all marijuana in the backyard there. >> last year police seized massive amounts of marijuana grown right here in the u.s. 6.2 million plants from illegal outdoor farms and 500,000 plants from indoor groves. the young man at the center of this case declined to comment. and police say his mother had no clue. >> certainly you would hope that in a situation like this that parents would be more aware. >> reporter: pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> when is it ever a good idea to grow marijuana in your backyard? >> you know what, they say entrepreneur spirit in america is dead. no, it's not. it's very much alive. >> when is that a good idea? >> that's amazing. the kid is obviously very bright and very smart. to me, it's never the drugs scheme itself that's impressive. it's the appetite for drugs in the country that allows businesses like that to flourish. >> exactly. that's the part we should be concerned abo
disappear? ♪ ♪ [ ping! ] [ ping! ping! ] that's why i use new tampax radiant. it helps keep my period invisible, combing tampax's best-ever leak protection with a revolutionary resealable wrapper so all they'll see is me. [ ping! ] ♪ ♪ hi. totally new, awesomely-invisible tampax radiant. check out the whole radiant collection. ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> can you tell what holiday it is, folks? take a wild stab. 4th of july fireworks in city that really does need something to celebrate. >> thousands showed up in denver for a free concert and fireworks. this wasn't just a night to mark the nation's independence and dedicated to helping support victims of the wildfires ravaging colorado. >> the was like, is it okay in colorado to do fireworks. under the control of professionals. they don't want private folks doing it. >> exactly. >> way too drive. prevent any more fires. of course everyone at the fourth of july celebrates, independence, of course. >> here are some facts about the date you may have not known. july, 1776, 2.5 million people lived in the united states, now the nation's po
on board. also, water-tight doors were allegedly left open and the crew was using the wrong maps. two americans were among those killed. >>> police in germany now say they have a motive in a deadly hostage siege. the heavily armed man killed four people and then shot himself to death when a commando team stormed the apartment where she was holed up. investigators in the city of carls rue say the man was upset that he and his girlfriend were evicted. >>> more questions raised about the mysterious death of yasser arafat in 2004. his widow is asking that arafat's bed be exhumed after traces of radioactive material were found on the clothe he's supposedly wore. the french doctors say the palestinian leader died of a stroke, many long suspected foul play. >>> now we turn to the presidential campaign kicking into higher gear today as president obama begins a bus tour in two key battleground states. on top of that mitt romney is huddling with top aides over his vice presidential pick. abc's mary bruce is following the campaign. >> reporter: president obama is hitting the road. visiting two k
plans to use the individually to tran officers on how to react to such situations. >> mm. investigators in ohio are now looking at mechanical malfunction as a possible cause of the train derailment in columbus. the exploding freight cars full of ethanol made quite a scene but only minor injuries to report here. about 100 people who live within a one-mile radius of the derailment were evacuated by firefighters who decided to let the fire simply burn itself out. >>> and more now on that frightening flight from aruba to miami rocked by sudden turbulence. about a dozen people needed medical care once the plane finally landed. was there ever any real danger. abc's matt gutman investigates. >> reporter: violent jolts sending passengers into hushed prayer on a jetblue flight last year. intense shaking on the 2009 continental flight kills one person and injuries several others. tuesday for 15 second. turbulence panicked passengers on a flight from aruba to miami. the american airlines boeing 757 was 30,000 feet up when unbuckled passengers were tossed like coins in a can. 12 people injured. fiv
to release his taxes. from team obama. >> show us. show the american people. >> he can clear this up, just make it public. >> we don't know all the loopholes he might have taken advantage of. >> reporter: now even republicans. >> he should release the tax returns tomorrow, it's crazy. >> reporter: the republican governor of alabama only added fuel to the fire. >> the best thing to do is just get everything out in the open and just say, hey, i have nothing to hide. >> reporter: romney, who is worth $250 million, did release his return for 2010, showing that some of his money is in offshore accounts. he says he'll release last year's return too. when romney's father ran for president, he released a dozen years of returns. but again the romney campaign repeated what they told diane sawyer in april. >> if you have nothing to hide why not release 12 years like your father did? >> i released two years and that's plenty for people to understand how i pay my taxes. >> it's fair gans. >> reporter: matthew dowd who's advised republican presidential candidates is not alone in fearing the romney campa
. >> romney said israel has the right to defend itself against iran and that the u.s. must lead the effort to keep iran from getting nuclear weapons. >> romney and his wife stopped at a sacred jewish site which has been visited by so many leaders in the past. abc's david muir reports from jerusalem. >> reporter: it was a powerful backdrop for a presidential campaign that brought mitt romney and his wife to the western wall. both leaving their own separate notes their prayers. >> before we went to the wall we both sat down and wrote prayers. you know, i read to her what i had written. and she read to me what she wrote. my thoughts were with regards to peace, my family, my wife, and -- and -- source of our salvation. >> reporter: two prayers written together, now left behind here. so many have made the pilgrimage to the wailing wall to pay respects to the great symbol of the jewish people. it is tradition to leave a prayer, a message. in 2009, barack obama left a note reportedly leaked to an israeli newspaper. in it he asked god to give me the wisdom to do what is right and just. hillary cli
their life forever. we look at the risks. >> reporter: they are all around us, a secret society of the successful. the lobbyist who wakes up at 5:00 for two big workouts before work. >> it's amazing. i don't know why everyone doesn't know about it. >> reporter: the computer programmer who writes code for 12 hours at a time. >> it helps you focus for exceptionally long periods of time. >> reporter: and the brain researcher finding connections nobody else is seeing. >> it's a clear day. the fog is not there. >> reporter: they say it they owe it to this drug, provigil. it is only approved for narcolepsy, sleep apnea, or people who work irregular hours, but people are taking it to boost energy and focus. the drug excites the mind so much it's been nicknamed viagra for the brain is being used by military pilots, pro athletes, and pro poker players. many are secretive, but not dave, a successful executive who wakes up at 4:45, pops a pill, makes breakfast for the kids and flies all over the world as v.p. of a billion dollar internet security firm. as an experiment, we asked him to sto
to this shift. >> we're used to that. >>> well, coming up next, the actress reinventing herself and also cashing in a little bit after her high profile breakup. >>> and the bait and switch involving your favorite fish. it could be costing you a fortune. reeling in this story next on "world news now." >> well done. ♪ reeling in this story next on "world news now." >> well done. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] gross -- i'll tell you what's really gross: used dishcloths. they can have a history that they drag around with them. for a cleaner way to clean try bounty extra soft. in this lab demo, one sheet of bounty extra soft leaves this surface 3 times cleaner than a dishcloth. it's super durable too. it's the cleaner way to clean. bring it with bounty extra soft. in the pink pack. and try bounty napkins. blast of cold feels nice. why don't you use bengay zero degrees? it's the one you store in the freezer. same medicated pain reliever used by physical therapists. that's chilly. [ male announcer ] new bengay zero degrees. freeze and move on. i only use french's french fried onions on my crunchy o
has done little to end the fighting. and the u.s. navy is looking into a deadly incident which is heightening tensions in some of the most dangerous waters in the world. it involves an american refueling ship and a small vessel that did not heed repeated warnings. abc's jonathan karl reports. >> reporter: it was just this february when our own martha raddatz saw just how tense and dangerous the waters surrounding the strait of hormuz in the persian gulf can be. she was on the destroyer "the usssterrit" when it was harassed by small iranian boats. a frightening but increasingly common occurrence. in this incident, an unidentified motor boat said towards the u.s. navy ship "rapahanak" and u.s. sailors aboard did not know who was coming towards them. u.s. military officials say the incident happened at 2:50 in the afternoon, ten miles off the coast of the united arab emirates. the navy ship first attempted to make radio contact with the boat warning it to back off. but the boat kept coming at a high rate of speed. the "rapahanak" flashed its lights and issued warnings over a loud
flippers. >> we'll be right back with more after this. stay with us. >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will continue after this from our abc stations. >>> will there is no shortage of advice on how we should eat, >>> well, there is no shortage of advice on how we should eat, stay fit and healthy. >> the gluten free trend is touted by olympic athletes. is it safe? terry moran reports. >> dana vollmer trying to make it a world record, as well -- yes! >> reporter: when dana vollmer won gold, americans cheered. one american with a special enthusiasm. >> congratulations to dana vol lmer, by the way, she set a world record in 100 meter butterfly and happens to be gluten free, gluten free, with a gold medal. >> reporter: liz haas -- elisabeth hasselback and millions more have a disorder that makes a person intolerant to gluten. but dana vollmer like more and more people, feels better when she stops eating foods containing gluten. what is gluten, protein in wheat, rye, barley, in soups, salad dressings and sauces. dr. frank litman is a practitioner of functional medicine and a prophet of goin
about the word that he used that set this off. >> my experience as an olympic organizer is there are always a few very small things that end up going not quite right in the first day or so, those get ironed out. and then when the games themselves begin, and athletes take over, all of the mistakes of the organizing committee and i made a few. all of those are overwhelmed by, the main things, the athletes carry out. >> reporter: the prime minister was asked if romney apologized at ten downing street. the prime minister felt a volt of confidence from mitt romney. the story traveled all the way back to salt lake city. the spokesman for the mayor there, saying of the prime minister in brit thivenain. happy to have him. happy to send a map that he doesn't run into trouble check for the middle of nowhere. david muir, abc news. >> the white house is pushing better educational opportunities for african-american students. the president signed an initiative aimed at ensuring students receive a complete and competitive education. >>> 300,000 people lost power in the ohio valley and
. >> in a church of all places that's the travesty. >> the things people use religion to defend. amazing some times. they found love. they will get married some where where you are welcome. god bless >> they can come to my church. we will marry them. come to new york. >>> two technology titans face off in a california courtroom with control of the smartphone and computer tablet market at stake. sorry, it's monday morning. apple claims samsung's products are ripoffs of its iphone and ipad proproducts. demanding $2.5 billion in damages. samsung says some technology at issue has been industry standard for years. >>> police say the man accused of causing a hepatitis scare across several states. wrote a suicide note several days before his arrest. in the note he claims he could not handle the stress anymore. now thousands of patients treated by the man need to know if they were infact infected by him. abc's david kerley has more. >> reporter: while this man, labeled as serial infector is in jail, at least 30 people are living with the results of haze ledged crime, a dangerous disease. >> crazy, how do y
with voters. >> abc's rick klein is joining us from washington with more on this. good morning, rick. >> reporter: rob and sunny, we don't hear about it so much nationally. but voters in battleground states are being bombarded with messages about mitt romney's time at bain, a parallel campaign, in the eight or nine swing states. they are, democrats are breaking through calling into question what romney wants to be his biggest strength. >> thousands of workers lost jobs, benefits and pensions. but for every company he drove into the ground, romney averaged a $92 million profit. >> meanwhile, president obama is raising alarms about his own fund-raising. and this is democrat's number one campaign concern. mitt romney is on track to match or exceed the powerful obama fund-raising operation. democrats fear that while they can win the message war over the summer, they may not be in a position to keep that up through the fall. that's why you have the president sounding so concerned. rob, sunny. >> i don't like the attack ads. on either side. i just don't like that. >> every candidate says t
the stadiums. it's the largest british military deployment since world war ii. and u.s. officials are worried too. abc news brian ross reports that during the games, federal air marshals will now be on board nearly every flight from the u.s. to europe and the middle east. so far, no response from british authorities. they've pledged these games will be safe. but this raises some serious questions now just under two weeks before the opening ceremony. abc news, london. >> this is a real concern. the games are two weeks away. the british defense secretary insists that the city will be secure for the games. >> yes, he does. the security firm that was contracted has actually run out of employees at this point so apparently more troops are also going to be put in the olympic village as well. >> wow. scary times. >> of course, those missiles that were put on the roof -- >> on the rooftops, yeah. >> exactly, sign of the times. >>> okay, the red cross announcing that they are fighting -- the fighting in syria right now qualifies as a civil war. this means international humanitarian law applies. but at
applies. both sides have the right to use appropriate force to achieve their goals, but attacking civilians or abusing detainees could now be prosecuted as a war crime. >>> reports of a serious security breach have london olympic officials scrambling for answers this morning. a newspaper report over the weekend said several people on a terror watch list were just waved right through border controls, including those at london's heathrow airport. new, inexperienced recruits who were recently hired in order to shorten notoriously long immigration lines are being blamed for the lapses. >>> now to egypt where an american pastor and a fellow missionary remain in the custody of a kidnapper. it's a race against time. as abc's alex marquardt reports on the pastor's serious medical condition. >> reporter: parishioners and family were praying for the safe release of their pastor, michel louis. time is of the essence. the pentecostal preacher is diabetic a he doesn't have his medication. >> the only concern that we have at the moment is that he is diabetic. and the longer they hold him, i wan
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